Top Fitnesss Apps for iPhone 4S

Here are the Top Fitness Apps for iPhone 4S which helps you loose weight and keep you in shape . Download the apps on your iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 and other supported iOS devices , and stay fit .

1. My Fitness Pal

The first thing that springs to mind when looking at this app is it’s user friendliness. As someone who is always trying to find motivation to lose a few pounds I find it difficult to motivate myself especially when Pringle’s sit there tempting me. Joining a group is a good idea but for people with busy schedules or dislike the idea , for them this is absolutely perfect.

ipod touch 4 fitness excercise apps

The set up for the app is simple and takes about a minute. You need to enter your height, in either metric or imperial and your weight. The idea of the app is to achieve your goal weight by eating less, or more, calculation appropriate calories. You are able to set how many pounds/grams a week you want to lose and it tells you how long it will take. You can then add in everything you eat and drink. This can be done by searching for the specific food and all , and behold up pops all the nutritional information. It automatically adds up the calories allowing you to keep an accurate and amazingly easy food diary.

And the very best thing about this app ? It is totally free. iTunes link .

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Probably not something most people would associate with fitness but ensuring you have the right amount of sleep is crucial. Too little, or even too much, can cause you to feel fatigued and tired all day , something that isn’t good if you want to hit the gym after work . This app doesn’t stop time for those most needed extra hours instead it actually wakes you up when you are sleeping your lightest, using your movement during the night to gauge when you are nearest to consciousness. This means that those times when your alarm drags you from the depths of sleep will be long gone and instead you wake feeling more rested and energetic.

sleeping app iphone 4s

It has a price tag of $0.99. Not bad for a better nights sleep ! . iTunes link .

3. Cycle Meter

A GPS centered app that motivates you to run faster, train harder and live longer. Supporting running, walking, cycling and more this app tracks your route, speed, location, distance and elevation. The capability for this to hold year’s worth of data for the space of only a few songs is a major selling point. Motivation is a strong force in this app and you are able to set announcements to be played to you through headphones at a certain time or distance. It has a race function. Race against your previous times and push yourself to be the best.

cycling app for iphone 4s exercise distance covered

$4.99 price tag, but worth it if you want to get your fitness on the right track. iTunes Link .

4. Get Running

This app is spot on for beginners or for anyone who struggles to get off the sofa and get healthy. It builds you up from one minute running, ninety seconds walking until, nine weeks later, you can run for a full half hour. It has encouragements and tracks your progress. The nine week plan means that you have a goal and are not running without the hope of it ever finishing – of course by the time the plan is over you may not want to stop . You can also see your running route and distance covered using another app named MapMyFitness . This is a must have app for joggers . The app works offline and uses no data services to put your running location on the map .

jogging app iphone 4s

Only $1.99 this super app. iTunes Link .

5. The Mindfulness App

A slightly different take on fitness – meditation. This app is completely customizable for your own meditations and focuses on, well, not focusing on anything! Let your body, mind and soul unwind as you prepare for the day ahead, unwind from the day or just steal five minutes peace.

meditation app iphone 4s

Beautiful and serene this app has $1.99 price tag. iTunes Link .

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