Top Portable Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone 4

Here are the Top Portable Dock Music Players for your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4  . Some of these portable devices can also be used as charging station for your iOS device . Carry around these battery-powered docking stations wherever you go .

Never miss a call while listening to music. When you receive a call the music fades and the song automatically pauses .  Most devices come with remote controls .

  1. Bose Sound Dock :bose sound dock iphone 4Bose is an industry leader in manufacturing sound equipments . Bose portable digital music system gives more efficient and higher quality audio reproduction than other battery-powered dock speakers . Comes with built-in carry handle and rotating iPhone dock which makes transportation easy . Priced at $399 . Buy Now .
  2. Altec Lansing Docking Station for iPhone 4 :iphone 4 docking station with speakersListen to rich, distortion-free sound from your iPhone 4 without missing any calls on the Altec Lansing Digital speaker Dock . XDB bass enhancement technology fills your room with stereo sound . The dock will also recharge your iPhone and iPod .  Comes with a wireless remote and option for auxiliary input from other devices . Option for wall mounting . Priced at $69. Buy Now .
  3. JBL Micro Speaker System :smallest dock speakers for iphone 4This is the smallest dock speakers for iPhone 4 we have seen so far with no compromise in the sound quality which even outperforms some larger systems . You can literally carry it in your pocket with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 1.8 inches and weighs 10.7 ounces . Powered with four AAA batteries , JBL dock music player can also be controlled via IR remote control . Enjoy the renowned JBL sound quality from your iPod or iPhone for a price of $59 . Buy Now .
  4. Sony Speaker Dock for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 : sony dock speaker for iphone 4Good value for money , Sony Portable speaker and charging station for iPhone 4 produces 40 watt of sound output . Comes with fully functional remote control . Priced $108 .Buy Now .
  5. Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker for iPhone 4 : philips portable docking station  for iphoneThis is the best designed iPhone speaker dock we have seen so far . It allows you to dock and charge your iPhone or iPod while playing your music . This docking speaker operates on battery or AC power and can be connected to your computer for music playback . Also available in Black. Priced $56 . Buy Now .
  6. Philips Speaker Dock with Digital Clock : best speaker dock iphone 4Wake up to your favorite music with Philips Fidelio docking station with 360 degree speaker . Produces rich omnidirectional sound to fill your bedroom . Soft glow night-light with elegant and compact design . Neodymium speakers for pure balanced sound . Also available in white . Priced $54 . Buy Now .
  7. Logitech Rechargeable Speaker Dock : logitech recharging speaker dockThis Logitech docking station is rechargeable with up to 20 hours of listening pleasure for your iPhone and iPod . Play hundreds of songs without interruption. You can play while charging your device or connect to a 3.5 mm auxiliary input and listen to other music players. Folding stand makes it easy to carry around . Priced $56.99 . Buy Now .
  8. JBL Air Play enabled Dock Speakers : airplay enabled speaker dock iphone 4- These JBL speakers come with three transducers which provide a rich soundstage with Horizontal Acoustic Level Optimization technology . Supports AirPlay wireless music streaming from your iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 runnings iOS 4 and later . Colour LCD screen . Priced $350 . Buy Now .

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