Top Cydia Repo’s to Download Free iPhone Apps

Here are the Top Cydia Repositories [Repo] from where you can Download Free Apps on your jailbroken iPhone iPod Touch iPad  . Well we really don’t support piracy , but not all can pay for the apps due to various reasons . Also you may want to test the apps before buying . For them , add the following Repo’s on your Cydia Sources and start downloading for free . Read more about How to Add repo in Cydia Video Tutorial.

Image : Top Cydia Repo

cydia repo 2014


UPDATE – 16/01/2015

Since this list was published, some of the repositories below have now gone and new ones have been added. Many of the tweaks, apps and themes contained within the existing repos have been updated to support iOS 6 through to iOS 7 and some now have iOS 8 support as well. For an updated list and instructions on how to add a repository to Cydia, visit this page.

Top Cydia Repo :

All of the repo’s below will allow you to download apps from the appstore aswell as premium jailbreak apps for free . These repo’s contain updated downloads for Jailbreak apps , HD themes , tweaks , ROMs and Emulators , Icons etc .

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cracked cydia apps-Optimized

  • Repo Source –
  • Popular App from the repository : Almost all the apps mentioned here

cydia repo iphone 4 jailbreak

  • Repo Source –
  • Popular App from the repository : MyWi , BiteSMS and more

cydia repo iphone 4 jailbreak

  • Repo Source –
  • Popular App from the repository : Installous . It is the one stop for all Paid App Store Apps. One of the most popular Jailbreak Apps you will find . AppSync to sync your jailbreak apps with iTunes .

cydia repo iphone 4 jailbreak

    • Repo Source –
    • Popular App from the repository : AndroidLock , iSHSHit
  • cydia repo iphone 4 jailbreak
  • Repo Source –
  • Popular App from the repository : All popular jailbreak apps available here
  • jailbreak cydia repo iphone 4
    • Repo Source –
    • Popular App from the repository : AppSwitcher

cydia repo iphone 4 jailbreak
For more jailbreak apps and tweaks , visit our Jailbreak Apps Gallery .

Apps Available on the above repositories include : Cycorder, Cyntact, Element Mod, Elite PRO HD, ROMs , emulators , Adelis HD, AndroidLock XT, AnyRing, App Switcher (Brightness, volumend rotator), AppSync for 3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2, AttachmentSaver, Auto3G , Barrel. FolderEnhancer, FoldersInFolders, FreeSync, FullScreen for Safari, Gingerbread HD, GPower Pro, Graviboard, GridTab for Safari, Infiniboard, Infinidock, Inifinifolders, Instant Mirror, Auto3G, Frash, FaceBreak, iClassic, iFile ,YourTube HD , AndroidLock, App Switcher Brightness, AppSync, Auto Shutdown, Auto Silent, Backgrounder, Black’UPS Darkness HD, 3G Unrestrictor, CallClear, CallLock, CameraButtons, iFake, iSHSHit and LockInfo .AndroidLock, FaceBreak, Infinidock, Install0us, iRealSMS, MyWi, Multifl0w, YourTube, AppIconReOrder, Attachment Saver, AutoSilent, BiteSMS, Chronus, Full Preview, HapticPro, iBlacklist, iBlueNova, iFile ,GameBoy and NES emulator.iFile, BiteSMS, MyWi & Multifl0w .

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