Top Cydia Apps for May 2011

Here we are starting a new series of articles where we will list the top jailbreak apps of the week/month. For those who are not able to check out the blog daily , this post is a must read . To get these articles via email every week , Subscribe to our Free Newsletter below .

top cydia jailbreak apps

Top Cydia Jailbreak Apps :

  1. GroupSMS
  2. Backup Jailbreak Apps with Xbackup
  3. Auto-Answer Jailbreak App
  4. Custom Text style on Email with Rich Text for Mail
  5. Face Recognition Lock – RecognizeMeHot
  6. DeleteEmail – Bulk Email delete
  7. MarkRead to read all emails and mark them read-unread
  8. PhotoAlbum 4.3.3 – Manage and Lock Photo Albums
  9. Hide tethering use with Pdanet when MyWi Fails
  10. BiteSMS 5.3 Beta – Free Download

To get the list of all latest jailbreak tweaks , check out or Jailbreak Apps Section . Some apps are devices specific . Please read instructions carefully before use . You may have to download certain sources/repositories to download the jailbreak tweaks. Read How to Add a Source on Cydia and download more apps.

Please Note that to install the above apps you must have Cydia installed on your device . To install Cydia and jailbreak your phone , please refer to our How To Jailbreak Tutorial for more details .

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