Top 10 Medical Apps for iPhone

Whether you’re checking your own health or a loved ones sometimes you can’t wait to see the GP and you want answers straight way. Perhaps you’re pregnant and looking for the best app to help you track your nine-month journey. Maybe you’re a medical student, or just interested in medical issues. Whichever you are read on to find out the best medical apps you can get for your iPhone 4S. These apps are also supported on iPhone 4 , iPod Touch 4 and iPad . Please check compatibility before download .

10 : Sleepmaker

Not a traditional medical app, but very popular in the App Store. It is very well known that a good nights sleep can improve health, reduce stress and give you a sense of overall well being that can be crucial to busy professionals, hectic mums and forever tired teenagers.

This app aims to deliver better night’s sleep by playing a range of different rain, storms, waves, streams and more, recordings for an amount of time specified by you to help you drift off peacefully to sleep.

REM sleep - deep sleep app iphone app

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9: Skeletal Anatomy 3D

This app is absolutely perfect for students or anyone interested in the learning about the anatomy of the body. This app shows you detailed diagrams of the entire human body and includes features such as 3D rotation, an audio of the correct pronunciation and zoom for those in depth analyses. It has an inbuilt quiz for anyone who wants to test their knowledge or even wants to swot up for a test.

ipad medical apps download

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8: Mouth and Teeth

An excellent reference app for those with an interest in dentistry or who believes they may have an affliction of the gums or teeth. This app has a range of information on dental health, gum disease and snoring amongst other topics. It is comprehensive and offers a lot of material to help with diagnosis and ideas on treatment.

iphone 5 medical apps

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7: BMI Calculator

One of the best things about this app is its no nonsense design. Simple and to the point this app calculates your BMI and allows you the luxury of metric or imperial measurements, or a mix of the two (something that is lacking in other, similar apps). It has a graph to track changes in your BMI and nothing else. Short, sharp and sweet.

bmi calculator iphone 4s

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6: RxmindMe Prescription

An app that is as versatile as you are. It allows you to track and set reminders for pills you have to take or pills that you have taken out of the blue. So much more than just a downloadable pill box, the app will set reminders for you to take a certain pill at a certain time on a certain day, week or month. This app could prove to be lifesaving for elderly people who perhaps have trouble remembering to take their medication.

iphone 4 medical app

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5: iPharmacy

iPharmacy is a little app with big benefits. Not only for people who want to know about their own pills but also a great point of reference for anyone associated with the medical world. This app boasts features including pill ID, medication guide, prescription discount card and weekly deals, plus more.

A real little gem.

health apps iPhone 5

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4: Pregnancy

Anyone who uses the social network site Facebook is bound to have seen the daily and weekly updates you get from the numerous apps on site. Keep a much more private and personal log of your pregnancy with this app.

best pregnancy app iphone

Not only is the layout beautiful, the design non-threatening, but it is completely comprehensive and offers a wide range of information and diagrams to show you how your body is changing and your baby developing through every stage of the pregnancy. The app is usable before you have even conceived and gives you tips on the best way to fall pregnant for you and your partner.

Download Link – iTunes . Price $3.99

3: iBP Blood Pressure

This app is a fully comprehensive chart of your blood pressure. It is a tracking and analysis tool that is ideal for anyone who suffers with high blood pressure and needs to keep an accurate record of their medical situation. The app uses colour indicators to let you know when your blood pressure is normal, high or hypertension.

blood pressure measurement app for iphone

This app is abundant in features and has everything need (except for the ability to actually test your blood pressure Ð you have to buy a separate machine for that!) to keep track of your condition.

Download Link – iTunes . $0.99

2: Diagnosaurus DDx

Dianosauruas DDx is a quick and efficient tool that enables you to search for medical problems by organ system, symptom or disease. You can search by all entries as well meaning that you can look up specific issues to gain more understanding if you, a friend or loved one has been affected by something that you want to know more about.

You can add entries to your Personalized Favorites for quick and easy access, especially if you want to show your GP an entry that you think might refer to you or your symptoms.

Download Link – iTunes . Price $1.99

1: WebMD

The app that has it all. Complete with symptom checker, conditions section, drugs and treatment information, first aid information, local health listings and a folder for your own saved files.

This app is as broad as they get. The offline first aid information is excellent especially in an emergency and where there is no Internet access.

medical apps for iphone 5

The app is secure and has an easy access sign in keeping the app personal and relevant to you.

The app is not only great for info but also for the usability in the fact it will search for you local hospitals, pharmacies and even individual physicians and show it to you in map view and will even give you directions.

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The sheer volume of content on this app is phenomenal and anyone who wants instant, trustworthy advice should download it as soon as possible.

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