Those of you who have been jailbreaking for some time will know exactly what TinyUmbrella is. This post is aimed at those who don’t know, who may be new to the world of jailbreaking and all the possibilities it can open up. TinyUmbrella is a very powerful tool and has been popular for many years. It is the one tool that everyone should be using, whether you are a jailbreak fanatic or not.

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What is TinyUmbrella ?

TinyUmbrella is a way for you to downgrade your iOS firmware, using something called SHSH blobs. It is used, mainly by jailbreakers, as a way of being able to downgrade their iOS firmware for the purpose of installing a jailbreak utility. When Apple releases a new firmware version, shortly afterward, they stop signing the old one, which means that you can no longer downgrade to it.

Right now, SHSH blobs cannot be used to downgrade because Apple patched up the loophole in 2011. However, the jailbreak community has not given up and they say that, very soon, there will be a way of downgrading iOS again, and SHSH blobs will become useful once again. This is great news for jailbreakers who have been using TinyUmbrella [ext link] to save their SHSH blobs all along and it’s also great news for newbies. This means that you can start using TinyUmbrella right now, to save your SHSH blobs for future use and here’s how to do it:

How to Use TinyUmbrella to Save your SHSH Blobs :

  1. Download TinyUmbrella [ext link] for Mac or Windows
  2. Install Java if you don’t already have it on your computer – TinyUmbrella will not run without it
  3. Open TinyUmbrella tinyumbrella ios 8 download 1
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and wait for TinyUmbrella to detect it tinyumbrella-ios-8-download-0-640x244
  5. Once your device has been detected, all of the SHSH blobs on it will automatically be downloaded to TinyUmbrella and saved

That is all there is to it, it really is very simple to use.

Note :

  • TinyUmbrella will only save the SHSH blobs for a firmware that Apple is still signing. If it isn’t being signed, there are no SHSH blobs to download
  • All blobs that are saved will go into one file – ~/.tu/.shsh
  • There are 3 types of SHSH blobs – ERASE (Restore), UPDATE (Restore) and OTA
  • TinyUmbrella will also save a note of all devices into a separate folder, named ~/.tu/.known_devicessave-shsh-blobs-tinyumbrella

Please start using TinyUmbrella now to start saving your SHSH blobs but do keep in mind that, until a new downgrade method is made available to us, you cannot use them to downgrade your firmware. We expect an update to TinyUmbrella in the near future so follow us on Facebook to stay fully up to date.



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