TinyUmbrella – How it Works ?

Ever wondered exactly how the wonder tool from Notcom  , TinyUmbrella Works ? What are SHSH Blobs and why are they required ?

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SHSH blob is a unique signature file which Apple server checks while you are upgrading or restoring to a firmware for your device. Once a new firmware is available Apple Servers stop singing the older firmware so that your device cannot be downgraded. Once this firmware signing has been stopped there is no way to get the old SHSH which allows you to restore the previous firmware [during downgrading] .

TinyUmbrella Interface :

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Tinyumbrella comes to play in this situation . It saves the signature files called SHSH Blobs locally on your computer and on Cydia servers . When you want to downgrade your firmware , Cydia Servers will then restore the saved SHSH on its remote server.

Download :

Tinyumbrella latest version can be downloaded from the official website here .

SHSH Blobs saved on Cydia : The numbers indicate the version and the unique SHSH Blob identifier for your device . SHSH blobs can also be saved using Cydia apps like iSHSHit . It is a Free Cydia app and requires no computer to save the SHSH blobs . SHSH Blob files are direct sent to Saurik’s server where they are saved for latest use .

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How to Save SHSH Blobs – Video :

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