TinyUmbrella can now Restore without iTunes

Only a few days back Tinyumbrella got a facelift with new improved interface , and now a recent blog post from the developer Semaphore suggests the next version of TinyUmbrella will not require you to run iTunes in order to restore. This will evade all iTunes errors cause during the restore process.

tiny_umbrella logoFor those who don’t know What is TinyUmbrella , it’s a very essential app used by iphone 4 jailbreakers to save and retrieve SHSH blobs that are required when you want to downgrade your device to previous firmware version.

TinyUmbrella also helps you preserve your baseband while upgrading to latest firmware saving your unlock .

Compatibility :

TinyUmbrella is compatible to work with any iDevice [iphone ipod touch ipad].

Download :

You can directly download TinyUmbrella from our Download Page for Windows PC , Mac and Linux.

Alternative :

An alternative to TinyUmbrella was released last week in Cydia. The new App named iSHSHit allows you to save your SHSH Blobs directly from the device. You can read more about iSHSHit TinyUmbrella alternative here.

UPDATE 03/02/2015

Tiny Umbrella has been updated to support up to and including iOS 6.1.2, as has iSHSHit. There is also another alternative called iFaith and you can read about all three of them here. iPhone 4 users cannot upgrade to iOS 8+ and, although support is offered for iOS 7, it doesn’t work all that well because of hardware constraints. If you did upgrade and have saved your SHSH blobs, you can downgrade back to iOS 6.1.2.

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