TinyPwn Jailbreak App – 4.2.1 – Update

Notcom , maker of TinyUmbrella has announced a new jailbreak for iphone 4 with integrated TinyUmbrella in it to save your SHSH Blobs while Jailbreaking. The new jailbreak tool names TinyPwn will be compatible to run on Windows , Mac and Linux which will allow you to build custom ipsw file to jailbreak your device .

tinypwn jailbreak app

Features :

We have limited information about TinyPwn except that it will support multiple platforms [Windows , Mac and Linux] . We are awaiting more updates from the developer @Notcom . Initially to be named TinyRestore , the developer came up with the name TinyPwn.com as the former was already registered by somebody else.

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