This 20 inch Windows 8 Tablet from Panasonic has 4K Resolution

Tablets are coming along at a phenomenal rate and the best place to see what’s on offer in the future is the Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no different, with Panasonic unveiling a prototype of their latest offering – a 4K Windows 8 tablet.  It is a bit of a monster for a tablet though, measuring in with a display of 20”.

windows 8 tablet  (2)

windows 8 tablet  (1)

However, one of the reasons for the size is because this new tablet is aimed at photographers and, to allow easier manipulation of photos and to work Windows 8 smoothly, an optical stylus is provided.  Not much else is known about the specs yet, Panasonic are keeping the lid firmly on any real information, and it is nowhere near ready for consumers to get their hands on just yet.  The 4K resolution does ensure a display that will be second to none though and a great hit with photographers, designers and architects alike.  Right now, 4K is only really used on televisions but, although the latest tablets do sport reasonably good displays, a 4K tablet would be a huge jump.

That said, at 20” it’s not very portable and, on being handled at the CES show, appeared to get hot pretty quickly. However, this is not the finished product and, one would hope, if it ever does make its way on to the shelves it will have been refined a bit. There is no word on price either but its 4K resolution ensures it won’t be cheap. However, since most professional photographers will spend thousands on equipment, it’s not likely to be out of their price range.