T-Mobile will Start Selling iPhone from 2013

Not so long ago, T-Mobile USA made the decision that they would not be stocking Apple products, blaming their decision on Apple themselves, their very strict business terms and the amount of money required upfront. It seems that they have done an about turn though as it has now been announced that they will, in fact be stocking Apple products from next year.  Of course, this is only T_Mobile USA as the UK branch already stock the latest Apple products.  A press release from Deutsche Telekom, owners of T-Mobile USA said T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year.”

t mobile iphone 5 ipad mini ipad 4

T-Mobile USA are already Apple-product friendly. They offer loads of free advice and software downloads for unlocking iPhones and they already sell the Nano sim that is required for the iPhone 5.  They have also been active in readying the HSPA+ network across the country and are upgrading their towers to cope with the new iPhone and mobile devices.  This upgrade is currently benefitting the owners of older unlocked iPhones by allowing them to make use fo faster download speeds. And, to top it off, they are also beginning a country-wide move to LTE.

More information is promised as and when it becomes available so watch this space.