Successfully Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 – 6.0.2 – 6.0 – iOS 6.1 using Evasi0n Jailbreak

Team Evad3rs is soon going to release their untethered jailbreak, called the Evasi0n .  They’ve called the jailbreak Evasion which links in nicely with the team name and, if you take a look at the site, you’ll see that they are keeping us nicely up to date with a progress bar.  At the moment, they are 68% of the way through the processes that need to be run before they can release it to the public. The GUI interface has been completed and they are now on to testing for Mac, Linux and Windows; when that’s been successfully completed they will be picking a few trustworthy lucky individuals to run some private beta tests before moving on to what should be the final stages of fixing any bugs that’s rear their ugly heads.



The website contains a fair bit of info, including confirmation of which devices are supported by the jailbreak.  Anything that is not on this list is not supported .

Supported Devices for Evasi0n Jailbreak :

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 2
  • iPod touch 4th generation
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 3
  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad mini
  • iPad 4
  • Apple TV 2

It’s not looking likely that there will be a jailbreak solution for Apple TV 3, at least not anytime soon and anything else that is missing is because it’s not able to run on iOS 6 or above. Full support is included for iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and 6.1.

We’ll have our eye on the ball and, as soon as we get any more news we’ll be passing it straight on to you.  In the meantime, start preparing your device for the big day – follow the link below to access our step by step guide.  You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to get the latest updates. Subscribe to our Free Email Newsletter for updates in your email.

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