Stream Video to iPad iPhone iPod from PC via AirPlayit

You can Stream High-Definition Video from your PC or Mac to your iPhone iPad and iPod Touch without having to manually convert and transfer it to the device via iTunes . You can even access all your movies in your computer and watch it on your portable device (iPhone iPod iPad). Streaming videos to your iPhone is very easy with Free to Download apps like AirPlayit . Airplayit app acts as your personal audio video cloud server and lets you watch videos on the go .

streaming video on iphone from pc computer

AirPlayit is capable of streaming 320 different video & audio formats to your iOS devices via Home WiFi and 3G/4G network . Follow the steps below to stream high-definition video to your iPhone 4 .

We will be explaining the Home WiFi Streaming setup here which is faster and similar to the 3G / 4G setup . This is only a one time setup. Keep the software running on your computer to access it anytime , even on multiple iOS devices which includes your iPhone iPad and iPod .

Steps to Stream Videos from Computer to iPhone :

  1. Download AirPlayit Client from iTunes for your iPhone iPad. Download Link
  2. Download Airplayit Server on your PC or Mac . Download Link airplay it-streaming video
  3. After installing AirPlayit on the respective devices (iPhone and Computer) , you have to connect them both on the same WiFi router . The computer can be a laptop or desktop connected via LAN .
  4. Launch Airplayit client app on your iOS device (iPhone) and select the Server [in this case the computer name ]. Airplayit should automatically detect the computer , however if the need arises , you can manually enter the settings give in the “Information” tab in Airplayit Server running on your computer as shown below.airplayit mainscreen streaming setup
  5. Add the movie folder on AirPlayit Server as shown below . You can add a single folder or a whole drive. It will share and stream any movie file that is shared . add folder airplayit-video streaming
  6. Airplayit will automatically detect the settings and show the shared files .
  7. Tap on any video to play. Data transfer rates depend on the Router and WiFi capabilities . N+ routers are recommended for flawless streaming of HD videos . ipod iphone video streaming-

Other Features :

You can also set task to convert the videos to iPhone format and download them to your device for offline viewing. While streaming the videos without converting it first , the conversion is done on the fly .