Jailbroken ? Apple maybe Tracking You – Get UnTrackered

Reports from various Apple blogs suggests that Apple may be tracking your movements secretly .Your iPhone or iPad 3G maybe constantly collecting data about your location [in form of longitude and latitude] and storing it in a database . Studies suggest that the collection started after the iOS 4 release and may contain a year of information . The data points are not very accurate but they are very detailed and can reveal a lot of information about a persons whereabouts .  Why Apple needs this data is not known .

Update :

You can get iPhoneTracker Application for Mac OS here . It Is an open source application that will be ported to Windows soon .To get the updates, Windows users please Subscribe to our NewsLetter .

iPhone iPad 3G Tracked Information – Data Points : This data is taken at different time frames and shown in a single image . You can see the density of the data points which gives the details about the location of your iPhone 4 at that time .

iphone 4 tracking data

Update 1 : Apple said it is a flaw in the iOS and they will be releasing an update iOS 4.3.3 to fix this issues soon .

Update 2 : One of our reader Chris updated us with the information that these data-points are stored locally in a file on your device named consolidated.db . So far the discoverers of this glitch were not able to find any way this file leaves your phone and being used by Apple to monitor your activities . According to the information sent to us , all this file is doing is to help to speed up local navigation when GPS is not available .

Here is a jailbreak app named Un-Trackered available on Cydia that you can install to stop Apple from tracking your movements . This jailbreak tweak will constantly clean the location data saved in your iOS device .

Here is what MuscleNerd from iPhone 4 Jailbreak Team said about this jailbreak tweak .

untrackered jailbreak app

Please note that you must have a jailbroken device to start using this app. To get more information about How to Jailbreak , read our jailbreak articles .

Steps to install Un-Trackered :

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Click on search
  3. Type Untrackered and Install

install untrackered

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