Steve Jobs Yacht Set Free

Lat week it was reported that the yacht that Steve Jobs commissioned before he died was impounded in Amsterdam due to a dispute over commissions payments. French designer Phillipe Starcke claims that he was due to receive 6% of the projected value of the cost of designing and building the yacht, however he says he has only been paid €6 million instead of the €9 million in commissions he should have got.


Jobs family heirs say his percentage was of the final cost, not the projected one.  However, whatever he should or should not have received, it would appear that a satisfactory deal has been struck and the yacht, named Venus, is free to go. According to Hague lawyer Gerald Moussault, “The Venus is no longer impounded, we have found a solution.  A security deposit was paid into a bank account, but I cannot say for how much.”

So while money has been paid into a bank account the amount is unknown as are the details of the deal.  However Venus now waits in port, unrestricted, until the Captain deems the weather clear enough for her to sail to her next destination. She is due to travel to the USA when Steve Jobs family and heirs will take full control of her.