StayOpened Jailbreak App – Keeps App Store from Closing

Stay Opened Jailbreak app allows you to keep App store from closing when you download an app on your idevice. When you install an app from the App Store , it will silently download in the background while the App Store will remain open for you to search and download more apps. This jailbreak app comes handy when you want to download multiple apps on your device without getting it closed every time you initiate a download .

stay opened jailbreak app

At first glance it may not seem very important jailbreak tweak , but in real life it will save you from getting annoyed every time the app store closes to download an app , and you have to reopen it to get back where you were.

Download :

StayOpened jailbreak app is available for free download , so you don’t have to pay a cent for this useful jailbreak tweak . You can find StayOpened jailbreak app in Cydia under ModMyI Repository.

Compatibility :

StayOpened Jailbreak app is compatible to run on all jailbroken idevices [iphone ipod touch ipad]. Please note that you must jailbreak your iDevice using available jailbreak Tools [JailbreakMe , GreenPois0n,Limera1n] to install and use this app .

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