State of iPhone 5 UnTethered Jailbreak

Questions are being asked about the release of an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other devices that are on iOS 6 and 6.0.1, running an A5 chip. The answer is, unfortunately, not yes.

In 2011, following the release fo the Phone 4s and iOS 5, the development teams produced jailbreaks in short order that meant that covered virtually every iOS device.  Things are proving to be tougher as time goes on though. Each time a new firmware is released Apple persist in upgrading the security features, making it harder to produce the results we’ve come to expect from the jailbreakers.  After all, clever though they are, they cannot weave magic – not yet anyway!iphone 5 jailbreak ipad mini jailbreak

iOS 6 is proving to be the toughest nut of all to crack. Whilst a “Failbreak” appeared shortly after the release of the iPhone 5, this is a tethered jailbreak and only for development teams to use as a basis for providing an untethered solution.  There are some signs that progress is being made though but it is going to be a slow journey.  Popular jailbreaker pod2g has mentioned that he has some “partial injection data” which, under normal circumstances would have been a terrific leap forward. Unfortunately Apple put a spanner in the works by patching the plist file, rendering it to be of minimal use only, at least for the time being.

Things have quieted down on the jailbreak forum recently. Jailbreakers pod2g, planetbeing and musclenerd joined other developers at the Hack in the Box Conference in October where the main discussion centred around the problems being faced with the iOS 6 jailbreak. Martin Dowd, Azimuth Security also joined the discussion, pointing out that Apple’s increased security is making it difficult for the jailbreak teams to break down the defences.

chronic dev team

Another couple of tidbits of information came out recently, once being that pod2g is working on a “userland patch” although nothing further has been heard lately and, planetbeing updated twitter with a photo of jailbreak running with Cydia tweaks on his iPhone 5. Again nothing further has been heard.

Obviously, as and when information is made available we’ll keep you notified. In the meantime its a case of sitting tight and waiting it out.  Anyone who is using a pre A5 chip can continue to jailbreak their devices although it is a tethered solution for the time being.

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