Sony XBR-84X900 is Company’s First Retina Display with a Price tag of $25000

Sony has released yet another television, but this is no ordinary television set. This is Sony XBR-84X900 – their very first foray in to the world of Retina TV and with the highest resolution they have ever released on a home television screen.   With a price tag of $25000 it needs to be something special so let’s have a look at some of the features you can expect to get for your money.

sony retina tv

For starters it has an enormous 84” display area and an impressive 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel display.  It outputs 4 times normal full HD resolution and features Advanced Picture Processing. This works to enhance every single one of the 8 million pixels on-screen and, together with a brand new XCA8-4 K chip, it up scales normal HD or lower resolution display.

It has a 60 degree viewing angle so comfortable viewing with a full field of vision is possible, no matter where you are sitting.  It has an impressive speaker system – a 2-way 10-unit system that totals 50W and gives full 3-D surround sound.  Gaming has been made easier and more enjoyable with the addition of Simulview – instead of splitting the screen, each player, with the use of passive 3-D glasses gets to see their own dedicated screen, enhancing gameplay to a much higher level than ever seen before.  The television also comes complete with Sony Entertainment Centre, giving the viewer access to full HD movies, music videos, games and TV channels, at 1080p display via the internet.

sony retina tv price

sony 3d retina tv

This is not Sony’s first 4K display, not by any means Almost 75% of the 4K cinema theatres across the Globe use Sony 4K digital camera projectors.  Right now, the biggest problem is going to be the lack of 4K content for the home viewer to watch. However, if we recall, a similar thing happened when normal HD came out and now that’s virtually the standard for all TV’s these days. As 4K cameras become more widely used, the more 4K content will be available. 4K is the future and it isn’t going to be too long before that replaces HD as the standard.

Source : Sony