Sony will discontinue DualShock Controller on PlayStation 4

While gamers eagerly await news of the new Sony PS4 specifications, it has been rumored that the well-known comfortable dual shock controller will not be a feature of it. Instead, a newly designed controller, similar to that of the PS Vita will be used instead. One source says that Sony engineers have been askedĀ  to come up with a new system that is like the PS Vita and uses a touchscreen and biometric sensors instead of buttons and joysticks.


Don’t go throwing away your old dual shock controllers just yet though. Nothing is definite about this and even if they do come up with a brand new controller design, it doesn’t mean that your old controllers wont work on the PS4. It may be that, in a bid to ease consumers into the new way of working, they give you a choice on this console with the intent of phasing the old ones out for future equipment.

The same source also claims that the announcement about the PS4 will be made within weeks rather than months. It has been previously expected that any announcements would wait until June 2013 when the E3 Expo takes place.

Update : A newly discovered Sony patent application reveals a device that combines the functionality of the PS Move and its Navigation Controller with the form factor of the DualShock. Here is a picture of the patent application .

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