Sony Sends Out Invitations – Possible PlayStation 4 Release

Over the last few years, games consoles have steadily increased in popularity, with better graphics, the ability to buy and play online and the ability to play your friends via an internet connection.  Consoles such as the X-Box, PlayStation and Wii have all been well received but is the world ready for more?

play station 4 ps4

Journalists are being invited to attend “Destination PlayStation 2013”, an event being held by Sony. Along with free food and drink and lots of games demos, Sony say that journalists will also get and as Sony quotes

“a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America Entertainment in 2013.”

So, could this mean that we are about to see the new PlayStation 4 make its debut?  Officially there has been no word from Sony confirming this, but it hasn’t been denied either. Surely an event like this would be the perfect place to showcase a brand new console. After all, the PS2 has now been discontinued, at least in Japan and it’s been 7 years since the PS3 made an appearance.  2 years ago Sony said they were developing a PS4 but there are no details available as of yet.

While some said that the PS4 would do away with discs altogether and go completely cloud-based, this idea has been pushed aside for now.  It would mean that, although it would be easier to buy and play games, users would have to rely entirely on a good broadband connection.

Sony does have some work to get back in favour with consumers. The last few years have been negative for them, with security breaches and failures such as the PSP Go and the Sony Erickson Xperia Play which was Android based. They are also up against Microsoft who are said to be releasing their next generation X-Box this year, so it’s looking likely to be an interesting and exciting year ahead for gamers everywhere.