Some Samsung Galaxy S3 Handsets are Reportedly Bricking Themselves For No Reason

It is the holiday season and everyone should be happy and cheerful, looking back upon a year filled with exciting gadgets, with the promise of more to come. One of the hottest gadgets of the year was the Samsung Galaxy S3, reportedly the best Android product to ever grace the mobile market.  However, it seems that it isn’t only human beings who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

samsung-galaxy-s3 hacked

A large number of reports are coming in from Galaxy S3 owners saying that their gadgets are dying, with no warning and for no apparent reason.  Some of them are lasting a mere 150 – 200 days before turning toes-up. Even more worrying is that none of them will respond to a hard reboot. However, Samsung are replacing the affected devices with no questions asked.

Discussions on tech forums have speculated on the problem lying with corruption of the NAND memory. Those that want to have their phones repaired under Samsung’s Repair or Replace Warranty can do so but it appears that Samsung are simply replacing the main board with an identical one, which may mean that the phone will probably die again within a few months.nand memory

No official statement has been heard from Samsung although they are clearly aware of the fault.  As there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for it happening and there is no identifiable pattern to which ones dies, those of you with fully functioning Galaxy S3’s should keep their fingers crossed that your phone survives.