Charge your iPhone 4S with Solar Power

Holes in the atmosphere may not be at the forefront of everyone’s minds anymore but green energy is the new hit with politicians, scientists and now the everyday, average iPhone user.

The iPhone multitask and has thousands of apps that are made for busy people on the move. Unfortunately the battery life of the phone is sometimes disproportionate to the amount we use it and can be disastrous if we need important information but run the risk of our battery dying before we can retrieve it.

solar charger best for iphone

Why you should buy a Solar Charger for your iPhone

Even if you aren’t a businessman with a deadline to meet, but a worried parent with a teenager who is liable to forget to charge their phone, or perhaps you’re the teenager who wants an iPhone case that instead of just looking cool actually allows you up to fifty-three extra hours of audio playback – and that’s a lot of music.

Regardless of the reasons the truth is that the iPhone’s battery dies, a lot, and to solve the problem comes a case that uses the most highly sensitive solar panel available. Monster Watts.

Boasting a full charge (from 25% battery), in ideal conditions, in fourteen hours this case delivers the best solar technology currently available.

The case extends the length of the iPhone slightly but Monster Watts has designed the case to ensure you can still charge and sync without removing the case.

Features :

This case is chock full of features : built-in over charge protection, LED lights let you know how much, or little, battery is left, lightweight design and, for the fashion conscious, interchangeable bumpers to match your bag, jumper or mood!

Monster Watts specify that although the case extends the battery life due to its small size it cannot be used as the primary charging method for the iPhone. Instead they advise that the case is fully charged, via USB, and when it is exposed to sunlight it tops itself up.

Where to Buy :

Monster Watts retails between $70 and $130. You can get cheaper and more affordable solar chargers for your iPhone 4S – iPhone 4 on Amazon that ranges from $25 – $30 .

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