SnowBreeze 4.2.1 Windows Download

Snowbreeze 4.2.1 Jailbreak on Windows is available for download . Version 2.2 will give untethered jailbreak on 4.2.1 firmware with baseband preservation mode . Snowbreeze is a Pwnage Tool alternative for Windows PC users .

Sn0wbreeze-2.2 - 4.2.1Snowbreeze uses Kernel exploit on Greenpoison and Bootrom exploit from Limera1n to jailbreak iPhone 4 untethered on the latest firmware 4.2.1 .

Below are few notable features on Snowbreeze 2.2 :

  • Baseband Preservation Mode
  • Custom Boot Logo
  • Pac-Man Game during ipsw firmware build stage

Supported Devices :

  • Iphone 3G 3GS 4
  • Ipod Touch 2G 3G 4
  • Ipad

Download and Installation :

To can download Snowbreeze 2.2 from here [15 MB]. The following program is compatible to run on Windows XP , Vista and Windows 7 .

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