Sn0wBreeze 4.3.1 Jailbreak – UnTethered Tutorial

Developer of Sn0wbreeze has released version 2.5 to support untethered jailbreaking iphone 4 on iOS 4.3.1 . For those new to jailbreaking may not know that Snowbreeze builds custom ipsw firmware files to jailbreak iphone 4 and other compatible iOS devices [ipod touch,ipad,Apple Tv] . Snowbreeze 2.5 can preserve your old baseband while upgrading and jailbreaking to 4.3.1 . Follow the jailbreak tutorial below to untether jailbreak your iphone .

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Steps to build custom IPSW Files using Snowbreeze 2.5 :

  1. Download 4.3.1 ipsw files
  2. Download iTunes 10.2.1
  3. Download Snowbreeze 2.5 and extract in your desktop . sn0wbreeze-2.5
  4. Launch Snowbreeze and browse the downloaded 4.3.1 IPSW file in step 1 sn0wbreeze 2.5 ios 4.3.1 download sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 3
  5. Allow Snowbreeze to verify the download ipsw for your device . After the ipsw is verified , it will show you the options to jailbreak . Click on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen to proceed next . sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 4 sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 5
  6. If you are a iphone 4 user , you will see three options in the next screen . Baseband Preservation Mode, Simple Mode and Expert Mode . We choose Expert Mode . Note that all modes preserve the baseband no matter which one you decide to go . Preserving baseband during 4.3.1 jailbreak helps you to retain your old unlocked modem baseband which can be later unlocked using Ultrasn0w 1.2 . sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 6
  7. In the next screen select General as shown in the image below [**this step is optional- skip to step 10]. sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 7
  8. In the next screen you will be given the option to activate [hacktive] your phone. Un-Select this option if your device is carrier unlocked or you are using the factory locked carrier [AT&T] . Click on the blue arrow at the bottom to go to the next step .
  9. Here you will be given the option to further customize the install . You can add your favorite packages / repos on Cydia pre-built on the ipsw . We will ignore this step for the sake of simplicity . Click on blue button at the bottom to begin building the ipsw files . sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 12
  10. Select Build IPSW and proceed by clicking the blue button . sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 10
  11. This step is little time-consuming . The build process will take time depending on the size of the ipsw file to be processed and your computers CPU configuration . You can choose to play Pac-Man while the 4.3.1 ipsw is being built. We decided to wait and watch the progress bar grow . sn0wbreeze-2.5-4.3.1 - step 11
  12. After the ipsw is built press OK and put your device in DFU Mode . Follow on-screen instructions to put your phone on DFU . Read How to put iphone in DFU mode . To do this connect your device to the computer , click and hold the Home + Power button for 10 seconds then release only the power button while continuing to press the Home button.
  13. Start iTunes . It will show your device is connected in recovery mode . Press Shift on your keyboard and press on Restore on iTunes . click shift key
  14. Browse to the custom-built firmware and restore to it . Your device will not install to the jailbroken firmware and restart by itself for the changes to take place . You have now successfully jailbreak your device on iOS 4.3.1 untethered . Enjoy your Jailbreak Apps on Cydia .

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