Sn0wBreeze 2.2 will have Baseband Preservation Mode

SnowBreeze developer iH8Sn0w has announced that the next version of his jailbreak tool will include Baseband Preservation Mode [image below]. Baseband Preservation Mode will not jailbreak or unlock your device. It will just preserve your current baseband while upgrading it to latest firmware .

Sn0wBreeze-2.2-iphone 4 jailbreak

Until now we have been doing the baseband preservation using TinyUmbrella. SnowBreeze will simplify the upgradation process for iphone jailbreakers . No ETA has been announced yet about the release date .

What is Sn0wBreeze ?

SnowBreeze is a jailbreak tool that allows you to jailbreak iphone 3GS , 3G , ipod touch 3G 2G . Read more about SnowBreeze here. To get more updates about Iphone Jailbreak and Unlock , Subscribe to our Email Updates and Follow us on Facebook.