Smartphone Speed Test – iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

With spoof ads, real ads and a legion of devoted Android fans quite happily ripping into every aspect of Apple’s brand new iPhone 5 this will come as a real kick in the teeth. The iPhone  5 is the fastest smartphone available on the market today beating every single competitor out there, including it’s arch nemesis the Samsung Galaxy S3.

iphone 5 geekbench score

In a video filmed to highlight, and prove, the differences in performance and speed it pits the iPhone against Samsung’s flagship phone and it shows the 5 beating the S3 in every test.

  1. Cellular Data Transmission Speed : The first test shows the iPhone’s speed using Verizon LTE. It averages at 13 mb per second download speed and 4mb per second upload speed – although much higher speeds are not uncommon. Unfortunately the speeds of the Galaxy are unable to be disclosed but the video creator assures us that both phones are fast. That is pretty much the last good word the Galaxy gets.
  2. Hardware Performance : The overall performance of each phone is then tested under GeekBench with the Galaxy normally running at 1.5GHz while the iPhone 5 runs between 800MHz and 1.2GHz. The GeekBench scored each phone individually with the S3 racking up a total of 1422 and the iPhone a score of 1648. A win for the iPhone!
  3. Web Performance : Thirdly, SunSpider, to test the Java Script on the browsers and shows the CPU performance and how the phones handle “heavier” sites. The iPhone scores half as low as the Galaxy, and in SunSpider low is better, which pulls another impressive win for the iPhone.
  4. Graphics and Video Performance : Where the iPhone really shines is in this next test using GL Benchmark. This tests the graphical performance in games. the iPhone was, again, the clear winner as it ran the game much more smoothly. Even with the Galaxy lowered to run the same amount of pixels as the iPhone it still managed almost 50% less frame rate and the iPhone was running at almost the same rate as the iPad 3.

Speed Test Video : YouTube

After this test it’s going to be a little bit harder for the Android fans to hit out at the iPhone’s lower specs because as this proves, it doesn’t matter what the other phone is running or what it’s specs are, the iPhone is guaranteed to be faster and better.