U.S. SmartPhone Market Facts Infographic

An infographic compilation of the research study done by Mashable and AYTM Research of iPhone users and the effect the iPhone 5 launch has had on the smart phone market has been released. With the iPhone 5 selling upwards of 5 million units so far, and the number only expected to rise in the coming weeks, it is unsurprising to see facts such as these in the study:

  • Those looking to buy an iPhone 5 are reported to be 2x more excited about the launch than those waiting for a new Android phone
  • 75% of iPhone owners are looking to upgrade to an iPhone 5 in the next 6 months
  • Within the next 6 months 78% of 4S owners will buy the new iPhone
  • 22% of Android users will switch to an iPhone in the next 6 months
  • Only 9% of iPhone users will switch to Android

With the iPhone beating its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3, in speed and display tests it is easy to see why in the next 6 months the popularity of Android phones will only be 10% higher than the iPhone at 49% and 39% respectively. Considering the huge range of Android phones to the one iPhone it quite astonishing that the playing field should be leveling so rapidly seeing as last years distribution figures were 54% Android and only 31% iPhone.

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iPhone 5 2012 infographic

Blackberry have also seen a decrease in their distribution, losing a massive 4% down from 7% last year to 3% this year. Windows have gained 1% up from 4% last year to 5% this year, but it is quite clear who the main monopolizer are in the smart phone field and that is Android and iPhone.

Some Test Results :