Slow Shutter Camera App for iPhone 5

With such a high-spec camera on the iPhone, especially the later models, it seems a shame to have to go and buy a separate point and shoot camera, or separate photo editing software. OK, so it’s a phone but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take good quality photos and videos with it. After all, the tech is there for you to be able to send them on to other people, either by downloading or straight from the device itself so why not take full advantage of the features the iPhone has to offer?  There are loads of camera apps available but it’s almost impossible to find one single app that will do all that you want it to do. Well, that’s just changed.

Image : Top Camera App Interface

iphone 5 camera app professional top best

Remember Lucky Clan? They are the folks who released ArtStudio for Apple devices, one of the most in-depth drawing and photo editing tools ever to grace the App Store.  They have now released a camera app. Called Top Camera, it’s an amalgamation of all the top features you would find in other camera apps along with a couple of unique ones as well, all rolled into one neat little app.  So what’s its got ?

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With a very simple and user-friendly interface it works just like any other camera app, simply tap and it takes the photo.  You can edit your focus and exposure on-screen. A small button allows you to choose your preferred picture options, such as HDR, image stabilizer, timer delay etc.  You can also choose to use Burst mode, which is rapid-fire photography and, alongside that you have a slow shutter release option, great for getting the shot just right before it gets taken.

iphone 5 camera app professional top best

Included in the app is full photo editing software. Instead of having to download your photos to edit them,  now you can do it on-screen, just as you would with any software for your computer. It even includes a whole range of filters and effects for your photos.  For videos, they have included nose reduction and video zoom. And once you have taken your shots you can organise them all into folders, right there on your device before you download them, saving time later on.  A new feature is the ability to email your photos or videos from within the app as well.

There is so much more to Top Camera that mere words cannot do it justice. It is available from the App Store for just $2.99 and now includes support for the iPhone 5, iPad 5th generation and iOS 6.

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