SIRI Proxy Server used to Control TV

SIRI Proxy Server has been set to work with TV applications like Plex . This new setup uses SIRI proxy server and a Plex command interface to control and view channels of your choice just by saying SIRI . As you may already know that SIRI Voice Recognition and Digital Assitant which is only available on iPhone 4S has been hacked and being used with a Proxy Server Setup that allows developers to create custom plugins that can intercept voice commands and perform actions which is programmable, scriptable etc .

siri proxy tv

In the recently released video a demonstration was given showing SIRI interpret new commands and begins showing the TV shows instantly . This gives us a glimpse of the future of television where we will be able to control our TV sets using voice commands . TV’s will be entirely hands free requiring no remotes or remembering channels and programs list .

Watch the video of SIRI Proxy for TV in action :

About Plex : Plex is an open source media centre application for Intel Based Mac computers . Plex can play a wide range of video, audio and photo formats without having to install any third-party video plugins and can stream online audio and video content .

So far SIRI has been made to work with Viper Car Remote Control and Home WiFi Thermostat .

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