SIRI Hack to Control your Car

iPhone Developers have done it again and this time they are using SIRI proxy system to control your car . By hacking the SIRI protocol and creating a proxy server an iPhone 4S was hooked up with Viper Car System to perform the following operations via the a remote control .

  • Vehicle Arm
  • Vehicle Disarm
  • Vehicle Start
  • Vehicle Stop
  • Vehicle Pop Trunk
  • Vehicle Panic

siri car control hack

Here is a video of the hack in action on YouTube :

The SIRI Proxy Hack opens a lot of opportunities .This is a clear example of what can be done when we hack SIRI . Just imagine about the range of accessories that can take advantage of SIRI voice commands using this technique . It is also being rumored that SIRI will support upcoming Apple HDTV in year 2012 for hands free control .

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