SIRI “Eyes Free” being Integrated in GM Cars

General Motors are going to be the first Automotive manufacturers to introduce voice recognition technology into their vehicles, starting early in 2013. They are in the process of integrating Siri, the intelligent personal assistant that has a presence on iOS devices into a couple of their new Chevrolet models. Known as “Eyes Free” it will be available in the new Chevrolet Spark and Sonic Drive cars and, eventually in the Spark EV battery-powered car which is due out in 2014.

eyes free siri chevrolet car

Both vehicles and smartphones are advancing at a rate of knots, technologically speaking but entwining your smart phone with the technology that is available in many car models could prove to be difficult and, once you’ve managed it you would be limited to the features you can use from your phone anyway. GM have vowed to take this technology to the next level and many other manufacturers are following suit. Ford have signed up to introduce it into their 2014 Ford Fiesta and BMW, Audi and Honda are also on the list although there are no firm dates for them to introduce it just yet.

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Sirs Eyes Free will be activated simply by connecting your iPhone, via Bluetooth, to the MyLink radio in applicable GM models. A special voice activation button will be added to the steering wheel that will allow for easy connection and disconnection.  Once connected the possibilities are endless. You will be able to make and receive hands free calls, send and receive text messages, access music from your iTunes library and play it, even skip through tracks if you want to.  You can access your calendar and check on appointments, change them if required and set reminders. GPS services on your iPhone can be activated and you will be able to change the radio station or flick between radio and iTunes.  And you will also be able to search for places of interest or local businesses, such as the nearest restaurant or cafe.

eyes free siri chevrolet car

eyes free siri chevrolet car

YouTube Video Shows How SIRI Eyes Free Work :

There are some safety features built-in to Eyes Free. Firstly, whilst you are in Eyes Free mode your iPhone screen will not light up and secondly, Siri will not answer any questions that require access to web pages, only those that do not require you to look at the screen.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what feedback comes back from GM customers about Eyes Free but, hopefully General Motors will pave the way for the system to be available in all cars in the not too distant future.

Source : General Motors