Siri Enabled WristWear – Apple’s Next Product

It is being rumored that Apple is developing a SIRI based wristwear which will look like the current generation iPod Nano . Currently the SIRI based prototype is being experimented and tested to work along with iPhone for relaying information back and forth the phone . A person with the knowledge of Apple plans has said that the company has assigned the task of conceptualizing this device which may use curved-glass technology and wrap around your wrist  .

iPod Nano SIRI Enabled Watch

According to a research it has been found that smart phones are never more than 3 feet away from its user . In such a scenario the device can act as a hub for our information sharing and gathering .

Let us know about your views regarding this device . Will you wear an accessory that communicates with your smart phone or even acts as your smart phone ? Leave your comments in the comment section below .