Shatter Jailbreak may Block Use of Cracked Apps

We got the news that the next jailbreak based on Shatter Exploit will not allow you to install and use Installous . Installous is used to install cracked apps on your iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Since the Chronic Dev team is against software piracy , we can expect that the rumor is true .


But we know that nothing can stop piracy until we do stop using pirated apps ourselves and encourage others to make proper use of jailbreak . We cannot prevent piracy as everything from Apple’s own DRM [Digital Rights Management ] to normal developers’ apps have been cracked from time to time . We can expect that some developers will re-release the Chronic Dev Team’s version of GreenPosi0n Jailbreak as a different jailbreak which wont impose these restrictions.

Jailbreaking was declared legal few months ago by the US government but only a few days ago [on 20th sept 2010 ] a bill was presented which if passed through all the houses of the parliament will ban all sites which distribute copyrighted or cracked applications .

There are several websites that allow users to watch films for free online—including nearly all films still in theaters. There are also sites which allow users to download films and other media through peer-to-peer file sharing. Both forms of online piracy could be largely shut down by the bill.

[ via the epoch times ]

I think the use of jailbreak will fuel piracy and all jailbreak sites may be banned forever for developing jailbreak that allows installing apps like Installous.

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