Shatter Jailbreak 4.3 Iphone 4 – Ipad 2

Chronic Dev Team is all set to test Shatter Exploit on devices running iOS 4.3 firmware including Apple iPad 2 . Shatter exploit is a vulnerability that can be used to jailbreak the latest version of iOS devices but it was never used as Limera1n Developer GeoHot released his version of jailbreak just before it was going to be implemented in GreenPoison 4.1 Jailbreak Tool . Shatter is currently preserved for future iOS devices like Iphone 5 and Ipad 2.

ipad 2 jailbreakFor those who don’t know about the Chronic Dev’s , they are a group of iphone jailbreakers who developed GreenPoison Jailbreak Tool that brings untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 4.1 . Below is the tweet from Iphone Dev Team member @p0sixninja a.k.a Joshua Hill about their current take on 4.3 jailbreak .


Currently Pwnage Tool on Mac can Jailbreak 4.3 but that is only tethered and you need to download the ipsw files which can be large and time-consuming for some with limited resources and internet bandwidth problemĀ  . Please note that iOS 4.3 is not compatible on all devices [only Iphone 4 3GS iPod Touch 3G 4G and iPad 1-2] .

Update : In the mean time it has been heard that AT&T supports only 3 WiFi devices with simultaneous access to Personal HotSpot feature on iOS 4.3 , whereas the Verizon Iphone 4 can give access to a total of 5 individual devicesĀ  .

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