Sharp Launched 32 inch Retina Monitor

Ailing Japanese Consumer Electronic firm, Sharp, have announced that they are going to be launching a brand new monitor. Built around their low-power IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display technology, the new monitor will be 32″ of engineering genius. At just 35 mm deep it will be the slimmest monitor in the world,with edge LED back-lighting and  an unheard of display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, much higher than the current HD display resolution which is a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels.  The monitor will sport one display port and two HDMI ports and will be capable of displaying an incredible 1.06 billion colours. The display section will weigh in at no more than a mere 7.5 kgs.

sharp retina monitor tv 32 inches

Sharp, who are the sole owners of  IGZO technology, use a thin-film transistor which means that slimmer devices can be produced with a smaller amount of power being used but an increase in the display quality. One of the biggest benefits to these screens is that the only time an increase in power is required is when the user touches the screen whereas LCD screens are constantly consuming power, making them more expensive to run.

The monitor will be aimed at business users and will be launched on 15th February 2013 in Japan with a price tag that is rumored to be over $5000.  They will only be producing 1500 units per month to start off with.

Sharp are the only company in the world that are capable of producing the IGZO panel using a semi-conductor material.  They have announced that they will be producing a whole range of devices with the panel including the Aquos Pad SHT 21 Tablet with a 7″ IGZO display screen.  Apple expressed interest in using the IGZO for their new range of iPads and iPhone’s but, due to yield issues, couldn’t.  However, it is no secret that they bailed Sharp out to the tune of $ billion and are contemplating an investment in the IGZO plant in Osaka, Japan. It may be less of an expression of interest and more of a possibility for Apple to introduce this technology if the investment goes ahead and, just maybe, Apple’s next big thing really could be the Apple-Branded HDTV after all.