Send iMessage from Web

In our previous post we have explained how you can Make Facetime Calls from Web . In this article we will explain how to Send iMessage from the Web with or without using an iOS device . The method is straightforward and simple . By using a custom URL inside of an anchor tag you can place a link on any website (blogger,wordpress,tumblr) that will initiate a new iMessage conversation. Follow the steps below to start iMessaging from the web . HTML knowledge is not essential for using this trick . Use it on your personal blog to allows users to send you iMessages .

imessage from web iphone 5

Steps to Send iMessage from the Web :

On your website place this link in html format . Here replace with your personal Apple ID where you want to receive the iMessage . Those using MAC OSX should click on this link to send you and iMessage .

<a href="imessage://">Send iMessage to a Mac</a>

Alternatively if the person is accessing your webpage on their iOS device (iPhone , iPad) they should click on this link .

<a href="sms://">Send iMessage to iOS</a>

In case you want to present the correct link to the user automatically depending on what device they are using, you have to use the following PHP code. You must have a php enabled web server to place this in the webpage source code. This short php script will detect the user agent and determine which link to use when the visitor views the web page . You can download the entire php code and the html snippet given above here .

<a href="<?php
$useragent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
if(preg_match('/Macintosh/',$useragent)) $os = 'imessage';
elseif(preg_match('/iPhone/',$useragent)) $os = 'sms';
else $os = 'sms';
echo $os;
?>">Send an iMessage</a>

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