SBRotator Jailbreak App – Landscape Mode in Iphone 4

SBRotator or Spring Board Rotator jailbreak app is a simple application that will rearrange the icons on your Iphone 4 home-screen in orientation to which you are holding the device. This app brings the functionality of an iPad SpringBoard on your Iphone 4 .

spring board rotator jailbreak app

Iphone 4 wont allow the icons on your home screen to be shown in landscape mode and the only available option is to hold it straight up to see in portrait mode . This jailbreak app will allow you to do so with several other tweaks that can be edited according to your needs from the settings tabs of the application.

SBRotator App in Action : Video

This app is compatible to work with other jailbreak apps like Infiniboard , Infinidock , Five Icon Dock , SBSettings etc . You can download SBRotator jailbreak from Cydia under BigBoss Repository for $1.99 .

Please Note that you must have a jailbroken iphone 4 to use the following app on your device. You can follow the Jailbreak tutorial here .

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