SB Settings Install Guide – Jailbreak App

SB Settings themes available in Cydia Store gives your jailbroken iPhone a beautiful interface to the available  resources and background apps . SB Settings themes go nicely with the WinterBoard Theme that you may have already installed. Below is the interface to Teenius Matte SB Settings theme for iphone .

What is SB Settings ?

SB Settings is a HUD interface that is available from any screen that also displays the status bar at the top. That means almost all applications can use this jailbreak tweak . To see it all you have to do is slide you finger over the status bar [ swipe down or from left to right direction]. This will bring down the settings tab sliding down smoothly showing current status of your device. SB Settings gives you a  lot of information about your jailbroken iphone 4 .

SB Settings in Action below :


How to Install SBSetting Jailbreak App ?

  • Jailbreak your iphone using any of the jailbreak tools available here [ Jailbreak iPhone 4 4.1]
  • Now goto Cydia and click on the Search tab at right hand corner [bottom]
  • Now type in SBSettings and click search
  • Select SBSettings from the result page.
  • Install and confirm the process .
  • After having installed , switch back to home screen. Since there is no icon for SBSettings , all you have to do is swipe your finger on the status bar  [ie. top of the screen] and SBSettings should slide down .

Below are some screenshots of the Teenius SBSettings Theme :

tenuis matte theme


Try this jailbreak app and let us know how you liked it . SBSettings is one of the top jailbreak tweaks and favorite among iphone jailbreakers.

If I missed anything in the tutorial above , please let me know using your comments below. For more jailbreak apps read here [ iPhone 4 Jailbreak Apps ]