Saurik Released iOS 4.0.1 PDF Patch on Cydia

Cydia_lphone_4In my last post i have updated about the new iOS 4.0.2 release from Apple that will patch the PDF exploit and hence fixing the JailbreakMe method. I also recommended users who are security concerned about this new update and asked them to go ahead updating their iPhone’s . Also warning them that they will have to pay the price and loose the jailbreak.

A few hours from now ‘Cydia God’ Saurik released the ‘PDF’ Exploit Patch in Cydia. This can be found in the Cydia package, named “PDF Patch”, which fixes the security holes, and it works for all devices and all firmware versions (including version 2.x!). This is a free app.

So now you dont have to do the upgrade to iOS 4.0.2 in order to get the security fix.