Samsung Users reportedly Ditching their devices after Apple’s Big Win

Samsung lose more than just their money in their recent defeat against Apple in the courtroom . It has been reported that in the aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung trial the Korean company, Samsung, are losing more than just over $1 billion. What, three months ago, were loyal customers are now selling their handsets in exchange for a make that does not have ” idea thief” stamped across them in big red ink.

samsung vs iphone 5

Although the rimes of Samsung are small in the grand scheme of things, they didn’t kill anyone with their suspiciously Apple like interface, no company wants to be branded as a copycat and this could hit Samsung a lot harder than they ever imagined. And even if it will make Samsung more popular amongst the Apple haters in society, for anyone who is an Apple fan, or even an impartial observer, it will probably make them wary before investing in one of their handsets.

Damage Has Been Done

Despite Samsung’s steely determination to appeal the jury’s decision the idea that they are not a phone manufacturer who uses original ideas has stuck and even if they were able to get every accusation overturned the damage has already been done.

If it is true and Samsung customers are deserting them then it is possible that what started out as a rather large hole in their wallet could turn into something a lot more serious very quickly.

Worth Their Weight In Nickels

samsung trucks unload coins

Image : Samsung paying $1 bn in nickels hoax . Read more

Samsung might want to look into the hoax story that circulated around the internet only days ago of them paying Apple their $1 billion in nickelsĀ  it is something they might want to consider to get them some good media attention heaven knows it will take a while to erase this from the memories of the consumers.