Samsung to launch 5″ Full HD Smartphone in first half of 2013

The battle of the smartphones appears to be heating up, with each year seeing something bigger and better. Next year looks to be no exception with rumors flying that the likes of Samsung, LG , Panasonic and Sony are going to be releasing 5” full HD 1080p smartphones.  HTC and Sharp are already streets ahead of the game leaving the other big names playing catch-up.

samsung galaxy s4

LG have already revealed their prototype of a 5” full HD smart phone, using AH-IPS (advanced high performance in-plane switching) technology.  Sony is talking about releasing two different models, the C660X Yuga and the C650X Odin. The Yuga will feature Android 4.1.1 Jellybean and a 1.5GHz processor and both will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will also feature a full HD 1080p 5” AMOLED display, alongside a 2.5GHz processor quad-core processor. It was expected to be launched at CES in January but now looks set to be at MWC in February 2013.

As with all rumours, these should be taken lightly until firm evidence is released. However, it does tell us that we will be seeing this type of technology in the early part of next year as standard on our smartphones.