Samsung suing Apple over iPhone 5 Patent Infringements

Following the release of the iPhone 5 only four days ago, the inevitable has happened with the Korean company, Samsung, declaring they will be suing Apple over 8 alleged patent infringements. These are the same patents that they tried to sue Apple for earlier this year, to counter Apple’s own claims of infringement, when every court threw out their case. Two of the patents have even been declared as “standard essentials” on phones for which Samsung have no right to sue and the others are technical and obscure including, but not limited to,┬ámultimedia syncing, data display apparatus, apparatus for recording and reproducing digital images and speech, and remote video transmission systems.

iphone 5 white back colour

If Samsung wants to get back at Apple it really hasn’t chosen the right time to do it.┬áSamsung’s emphatic confirmation of their plans to sue, before the iPhone 5 had even been announced, has given Apple a massive upper hand. The LTE technology Samsung were determined to use against Apple is probably not something that will get very far in courts seeing as Apple own 318 LTE technology patents – 44 of which have been developed by themselves.

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The battle between the two rivals has been dragging on for so long both companies face alienating, as well as boring, their customers. The adverts currently be printed and broadcast by Samsung openly mocking the iPhone (although they are careful never to name the brand) are downright spiteful and despite the fact the TV ads have been linked to the old “Mac vs. PC” adverts, the British version featuring comedians David Mitchell and Robert Webb and the American version featuring actor Justin Long and author John Hodgman,the old adverts were funny and amusing and played on the Mac’s ‘fun’ outlook on life and PC’s more formal approach.

This ongoing struggle for a monopoly over the mobile phone industry does pose the question, will anyone ever win ? Samsung seem determined to keep fighting for as long as it will take, but over what ? If Samsung want to make a point they should wait until Apple slip up and make a genuine mistake. Do they really think that Apple won’t have done everything in their power to protect themselves from the impending lawsuits .


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