Samsung Smart AC can be Controlled by iPhone over WiFi

Is there anything you can’t do with your smart phone or tablet ?  Apparently not. Take a look at the house of X Factor music producer, Savan Kotecha.  It is stuffed full of gadgets that he can control from his iPad, including window blinds, cameras and locks.  It would appear that this sort of tech is fast becoming available to the normal person on the street, not just to those with vaults full of cash.  Korean electronics giants Samsung have taken a huge step in this direction with their Smart Air Conditioning System.

iphone 4 samsung ac app

With the download of a simple app (iTunes Link) and a wi-fi, 3G or 4G connection you can control your air conditioner without hunting for a remote or having to get up and do it.  It’s ideal for those who live in a hot climate, especially where the nights are too hot for comfortable sleep. Simply activate the app and turn on the air conditioner in your bedroom to cool off the room before you go to bed.

It can also be activated remotely as well. Say, for example you’ve gone out for the day and suddenly realise you have forgotten to switch off the air conditioner unit, or you want the house cooled before you get home. Providing you have a connection you can activate or deactivate the unit from anywhere. If your unit is already on a timer then you can also use the app to adjust temperature remotely as well.

The application, called Smart Air Conditioner, is available, free of charge from the App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play Store for Android devices.

Source : Samsung Electronics