Samsung Galaxy S4 to be powered by Exynos 8-core Octa Mobile Processor

Smartphone processors are getting steadily faster and more capable as each ear passes, with Samsung leading the way at the moment. This year they have announced yet another new one – the 8-Core EXYNOS 5 Octa Mobile Processor. It uses ARM’s big.LITTLE technology and is a combination of the Cortex A-15 and A7 chips. This means it can handle everything you need to do, and more, with more enhanced performance and a much higher speed.


There are other processors that can do this but people do tend to take more notice if a big name like Samsung releases one, rather than a smaller company. Because of its make up the EXYNOS processor promotes a much better battery life than other processors, something that is all-important to mobile device users these days.

So, which product is it going to make its debut in?  The processor has been made to work with both tablets and smartphones so perhaps the obvious choice is the new Galaxy Note III. While the new processor won’t provide much more of a difference in performance than the A-15 quad cores, its greater efficiency makes it the winner.

While it will most likely start out in a tablet of some description, the likelihood is that it will make an appearance in the Note III and the Galaxy S IV smartphone at some point and it is likely to be included in future generations of Samsung products as standard.