Samsung Galaxy S4 Skin – The First Flexible Screen Phone with Bendable Battery

Samsung look set to follow through with their plans to launch the new Galaxy S4 in April 2013. But, what would you say if you were told it had a flexible screen?  Whilst it probably won’t have, the idea is not totally off the wall. Samsung have been talking about including both flexible screen technology and a “breakthrough unbreakable screen” in future products fr some time now.  And it seems that some are totally convinced that the S4 will have both of these incorporated and be sold as a unit with a bendy or flexible screen.  Not sure how useful this would actually be, although an unbreakable screen would have huge benefits.

samsung galaxy s4 skin

The main factor against it is that actually bringing a phone with a flexible screen into mass production coud prove extremely difficult, not to mention expensive. However, they have proved it can be done as they demonstrated an impressive prototype at CES 2011, so the idea is not totally out of the loop.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are rumoured to be an impressive 13 megapixel camera, quad-core chipset and a bigger 5″ display, which is said to be a full HD resolution displaying 1920 x 1080p at 440ppi, far higher than either the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3. However, it may interest you to know that, whilst a display of this resolution may sound impressive, it could be wasted as, according to Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate,  the average person, unless they are lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, can’t resolve sharpness above 229 pixels per inch.


So, whilst it is entirely possible that Samsung will release a device with flexible screen technology sometime next year, it wont be a flagship model. They would be better off concentrating on getting an unbreakable screen in place first. A skin has been designed to show you what a Galaxy flexible screen would look like.

Update : Here is a video of bendable batteries and flexible displays by Samsung

Video 1 :

Video 2 :