Samsung Galaxy S4 Codenamed “Project J” – Releasing April 2013

Following on from the success of the Galaxy S2 and S3 mobile phones from Samsung, speculation is rife about the new S4.  Codenamed “Project J“, the next big thing for Samsung is rumored to have a release date sometime in April 2013 and is said to be ” the next generation iPhone 5 rival”. If the rumors about the specifications of the phone are anywhere near correct then it will be a tough wait for it to make its appearance and see if it lives up to expectations.

Samsung Galaxy S4 picture

The Galaxy S4 will apparently have a larger screen size, at 5″ instead of the 4.8″ of the S3. It will have an impressive HD Resolution display of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 440ppi.  It has also been whispered that, instead of the usual Corning Gorilla reinforced glass that is common pn phones these days, it will have an “ultra-thin” flexible OLED display. Expandable storage looks likely to be set at 16GB to start with although a 32GB may follow on.  THe S3 currently has a 64GB model as well although this is being abandoned due to lack of sales.  Micro SD storage cards have not been talked about but Samsung are attached to using high-capacity SDXC storage.  2 other apparent inclusions are a mighty 13 mega-pixel rear facing camera and a 2GHz quad-core A15 processor.

galaxy s4 samsung

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Of course this is all pure speculation at the moment, although as time goes on more details will be revealed alongside a definite release date.  Whilst it looks as though Samsung may use the Consumer Electronics Show to launch the new Galaxy S4, it is also rumored that they will run a much bigger function to release what looks likely to be one of the biggest products to grace the Android line next year.