Samsung Galaxy S4 to Feature 28nm QuadCore CPU

Back in around June/July time Samsung signed a deal with Qualcomm to buy its Snapdragon S4 28nm processors. At the time the deal was signed no details were released and the public was left wondering. Now it looks like we might have found out what Samsung could be intending to do with those chips.

Image : Concept Samsung Galaxy S4 Design


Reports are coming straight from the company’s base, South Korea, that are indicating that these chips may be making an appearance in Samsung’s flagship phone, the upcoming Galaxy S4. Even though it is early days in the phone’s production, being such a huge company it is highly likely that Samsung will have a good idea of the tech specs of the S4.

If true this will be a major step up from the current Galaxy S3, which runs a QuadCore Application Processor running at 1.4 GHz CPU speed, as even though these are not shabby specs in any way the iPhone 5, running the A6 chip,  was still clocked running at faster speeds, making it the fastest smart phone ever.

Samsung_Galaxy_S_IV image


It looks like Samsung are not about to take this lying down and are prepared to hit back at Apple, and if this 28nm QuadCore processor rumor is true then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will almost certainly snatch the title away from the iPhone 5. With the chips rumoured to be going into production early next year it would be feasible to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 around about May time. The chipset could be a 28nm ARM15 System-on-Chip and has been given an internal codename of ‘Adonis’, the Greek god of beauty and desire. Next year will tell whether it will live up to its name.