Samsung could be fined 15 Billion for trying to Ban Apple products in Europe

It’s not exactly news that Apple and Samsung have been battling against each other in Court for several months. In August Samsung lost a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple and they now face further fines of around $15 billion for attempting to get Apple’s products, namely the iPhone and iPad, banned for sale in Europe.


The reason for the attempted ban was to do with standards-essential patents and Samsung’s failure to license theirs under fair and reasonable terms.  Standards-essential patents require that the owner license them to all parties who want them for a fee. The fee must be agreed by both parties, if not then the Court will set a reasonable figure.  Apple refused to pay what they say was an unreasonable fee and the result was that Samsung requested a ban of the products in Europe. This request was refused by the EC and the resulting fine could be 10% of Samsung’s reported revenue for 2011, a figure of $148.9 billion.

Samsung are not the only company facing fines for this reason. Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, also face a similar fine for trying to get the XBox 360, manufactured by Microsoft, banned in Europe for the same reasons.