Samsung beats Apple in Christmas battle of the Smartphones

No surprises here, but reports have shown that, in the Christmas battle of the smartphones, Samsung beat Apple hands down.  Price comparison site, showed Samsung as occupying the top 3 spaces on their Mobile Tracker :

  1. Samsung Galaxy SIII
  2. Samsung Galaxy SII
  3. Samsung Galaxy Ace

samsung-vs apple

The results are compiled from a combination of sources, including pre-order sales, monthly sales and live searches.  Apple could only manage 5th and 6th places with the iPhone 4S and 5.  The Samsung SIII has remained top of the list since it was launched with the iPhone 5 coming nowhere near close enough to knock it off.

Samsung are proving themselves to be worthy holders of the Smartphone crown right now, proving to everyone that they are not second best after all. As each month slips by, Apple slowly lose hold of their grip on the smartphone market and will need to pull something  really special out of the hat to regain it.

2013 looks set to be an interesting year for smartphones with a variety of new devices due for launch and Blackberry’s final attempt to get back on the ladder with an upgrade to their operating system.