Top SAM Unlock Problems

Here are the Top SAM Unlock Problems faced by users while unlocking their iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S using SAM Unlock method . Try the solution on these pages. For those whose problems are different from what listed , please ask your questions in the forum .

top iphone 4 problems

Top Jailbreak Experts this Week :

  1. Krishna (18 answers )
  2. Adnan Baliwala (9)
  3. Funtoosh (8)
  4. Joseph (7)
  5. Don (6)

Top SAM Unlock Problems :

  1. Gevey to SAM Unlock Upgrade
  2. SAM Unlock for iPhone 4S Sprint from AT&T
  3. iPhone Stuck after SAM Unlock
  4. No Sound after SAM Unlock
  5. Unable to Save SAM Unlock ZIP File
  6. SIM ID Problem on SAM Unlock
  7. more …

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Top SAM Unlock Tutorials :

  1. How to Unlock iPhone 4 using SAM
  2. Download SAM Unlock
  3. Preserve SAM Unlock using Redsn0w